• Monday Postcard 41 In-Flight Conversations

    Monday Postcard #41 – In-Flight Conversations

     am writing this postcard on the plane to Vienna. I have gotten used to travelling on my own, making my way from airport to airport and having found routines for long-distance flights. But one…

    13. August 2018
  • Where Shall I Start My Business?

    Where Shall I Start My Business?

    San Francisco, Berlin, London, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv, Singapore – the choices for start-up hubs seems to be endless. I personally incorporated my tech start-up in Hong Kong and I am frequently asked by…

    10. August 2018
  • Ultimate Guide Salzburg View from Moenchsberg Orange Leaves

    Salzburg Ultimate Guide

    Salzburg is one of my favourite cities. No matter if it is summer or winter, it is always worth a trip. I put together my personal recommendations. But I also have something very special…

    8. August 2018
  • Do I Need an Investor to Start a Business

    Do I Need an Investor to Start a Business?

    Very often, the success of start-ups is measured if they have received funding instead of looking at their revenue or profitability. When you are part of the start-up scene, the question “Do you have…

    4. August 2018
  • Inspiration

    Monday Postcard #39 – What is Heimat?

    eimat – no week goes by without noticing the word when I read the Austrian news online. “We have to be true to our values.” “We need to protect our homeland.” After more than…

    30. July 2018
  • Monday Postcard 38 Being Sick Abroad

    Monday Postcard #38 – Being Sick Abroad

     just came back from a great weekend in Jakarta. Unfortunately, my souvenir from the weekend is an eye-infection… Even though I would not call this “being sick”, I remembered that I have actually never…

    23. July 2018