• Monday Postcard 6
    Inspiration Travel

    Monday Postcard #6

    When Vienna Welcomes You This is a very brief update. I have just come back to Austria and I am enjoying Christmas at its best – meeting friends and family, eating Christmas cookies and,…

    11. December 2017
  • Bangkok Street Art Faces Detail
    Art Travel

    Bangkok Street Art

    Street Art has become an integral part of the my city guides and Bangkok is a a fertile ground for this type of art. This post covers the area around China town and South…

    8. December 2017
  • Bangkok Coffee Thong Lo and Ekkamai Un-Fashion Cafe Coffee

    Best Coffee Places in Bangkok Thong Lo and Ekkamai

    Bangkok is a city that really caters to coffee lovers like me. There are so many small breweries with delicious coffee. Furthermore, these places have become my second home and office. In this article…

    6. December 2017
  • Monday Postcard 5

    Monday Postcard #5

    Why Curiosity Is so Important and Why I Decided to Share It Last week, I was on my quest for the best coffee places in my Bangkok neighbourhood. When I was walking along the…

    4. December 2017
  • Singapore Business Style
    Fashion Travel

    Singapore Business Style Guide

    This type of post has been waiting to be published for a very long time. Actually, I first had the idea to publish posts about business attire back when I worked in corporate. I…

    27. November 2017
  • Monday Postcard 4 Moving
    Inspiration Travel

    Monday Postcard #4

    cannot believe that we are already approaching the last month of the year. I have the feeling that 2017 just flew by. As I am planning the upcoming last month of the year, which…

    27. November 2017
  • Review Hillocks Hotel Pool Lotus

    Review Hillocks Hotel & Spa Siem Reap

    I stayed at the Hillocks Hotel & Spa during my trip to Siem Reap and had a wonderful time. This retro-style hotel with a villa concept is just ten minutes aways from Siem Reap’s…

    25. November 2017
  • Siem Reap Airport Plane

    Siem Reap Airport Guide

    If you are like me – in and out of airports all the time – you want to use the time there as efficiently as possible. And probably you do not want to waste time…

    24. November 2017
  • Angkor Wat Sunrise Horse

    Angkor Wat & Siem Reap Photo Diary

    As I did not want to cram to many pictures into my other posts, I needed a separate post for all my pictures I took in Siem Reap and Angkor Wat. Special thanks to…

    22. November 2017
  • Monday Postcard Hong Kong
    Inspiration Travel

    Monday Postcard #3

    y postcard this week is a love letter to Hong Kong. I was fortunate to call the “Fragrant Harbour” my home for some time and when I went back last week, I realized why I…

    20. November 2017