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April 2018

  • Vienna Spring Votive Church Lilacs

    Things to Do in Vienna in Spring

    Spring is one of the best times to travel to Vienna. The city is in full bloom, locals flock the parks and the cafés open their terraces which are perfect for people watching. Here…

    26. April 2018
  • Monday Postcard 25
    Monday Postcard

    Monday Postcard #25 – Wake Me Up

    his morning on my way to Vienna, I was listening to a special radio show dedicated to Avicii, the DJ who died unexpectedly and far too early last weekend. The show was playing all…

    23. April 2018
  • Laxenburg Pavillon

    Laxenburg Palace – Day Trip from Vienna

    With spring having finally arrived in Vienna and all the parks in bloom, Austrians move outside of the cities and enjoy being outdoors after the long winter. When I was a child, we spent…

    13. April 2018
  • Monday Postcard 23
    Monday Postcard

    Monday Postcard #23

    ‘m very sorry for the delay of my Monday Postcard which I only get to write now. The past few days have been mental because of a personal issue. Unfortunately, I cannot share the…

    10. April 2018
  • Reading List April

    Books to Inspire you in April

    Sara Gay Forden, The House of Gucci This is definitely a book you cannot put down. This biography of the Gucci family feels like reading a crime story, gossip columns and fashion history all…

    6. April 2018