Best Coffee Places in Singapore

1. August 2017

As a coffee lover, I still owe you my list of the best coffee places in Singapore. It actually became kind of a sport who will find the best coffee places and whose spots will be at the top of the list.  The top four are actually quite close. I assessed them regarding the location, ambience, price and taste of the coffee.

Highlander (35 Points)

Location 10, Ambience 5, Price 10, Taste 10

With a cappuccino for SGD 4.90, this is one of the cheaper places for coffee in Singapore. But this coffee is also delicious – actually the best one I had in Singapore. (49 Kampong Bahru Road)

Highlander Coffee

The Providore @ Mandarin Galleries (34 Points)

Location 10, Ambience 8, Price 7, Taste 9

The Providore @ Mandarin Galleries

My go-to place if I need to run for errands on Orchard Road. The coffee is very European-style – not too bitter but quite strong – which is something I really like. (Mandarin Gallery #02-05, 333 A Orchard Road)

Privé (33 Points)

Location 8, Ambience 10, Price 8, Taste 7

Privé has outlets all over the city – our brunch go-to place was the one in Keppel Bay but I also like the one in Chijmes or at the National Civilizations Museum.

Privé at Keppel Bay

The ambience in all outlets is great, beautiful locations with a modern vibe. The price is not extremely expensive but also not extremely cheap, the taste of the coffee is nice and paired with a beautiful view it is a perfect match. (Marina at Keppel Bay, 2 Keppel Bay Vista; Chijmes #01-33, 30 Victoria Street; Asian Civilizations Museum, #01-02, 1 Empress Place)

Common Man (32 Points)

Location 10, Ambience 8, Price 5, Taste 9

This is also one of my favourite brunch and coffee places. The location is great, right next to Robertson Walk in River Valley. The price is quite high, however, the taste is great. (22 Martin Road)

PS Café (30 Points)

Location 7, Ambience 8, Price 6, Taste 9

Of course, my favourite place in Singapore had to be on the list. I love the ambience (sometimes, the music is a bit loud tough). The coffee is delicious, but in the upper price segment.

PS Café @ Harding Road (Dempsey)

I usually went to the branch in Dempsey, which is a bit far off. Hence, the 7 points. There are, however, several branches across the city. (28B Harding Road; when you come from Holland Road, go up the hill and then keep left where the street goes down a bit, the entrance is on the left side)

Artistry Café (28 Points)

Location: 5, Ambience 5, Price 9, Taste 9

I really like the concept of a gallery which is a café at the same time. The location is OK, it is a bit far from the MRT, especially on a very hot day. The taste of the coffee is great and the price is also decent. An espresso is SGD 3.50, a cappuccino SGD 5. (17 Jalan Pinang)

Artistry Café

What are your favourite coffee places in Singapore? Did I miss any and you would like me to add them to the list? Please let me know in the comments below <3

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  • Reply Candy 2. August 2017 at 19:39

    Oh my! I love this post. I lived in Singapore for a year and wish I had this list when I was there. I love walking around Orchard Road, so The Providore at Mandarin Galleries sounds like a lovely spot for me 🙂

    • Reply Liz 3. August 2017 at 12:44

      Next time 🙂 Yes, then the Providore is great for you but also PS Café has a branch in Paragon Shopping Mall.

  • Reply jin 2. August 2017 at 20:27

    When I go back to Singapore, I will definitely refer back to this post! I LOVE coffee and this post inspired me to check out the coffee scene for the next time in S’pore! Thank you for sharing!

    • Reply Liz 3. August 2017 at 12:50

      Thanks so much! Please check out the places, I’m curious which one you like most!

  • Reply Suvarna Gangai 2. August 2017 at 20:51

    Ah wish I would have come across this sooner. But better late than never! Thanks for the detail

    • Reply Liz 3. August 2017 at 12:50

      Maybe it is useful for you next time you go to Singapore 🙂

  • Reply Ciara 2. August 2017 at 21:06

    This will definitely be put to use if I ever make it to Singapore, these places look great

    • Reply Liz 3. August 2017 at 12:51

      Enjoy all these places, every one of them is special

  • Reply Lauren Pears 2. August 2017 at 21:26

    As a huge coffee lover, this post is very helpful! I’m hoping to visit Singapore soon so will definitely check some of these out 🙂

    • Reply Liz 3. August 2017 at 12:52

      I think as a coffee lover you would enjoy every one of these places, so good!

  • Reply Rachelle 2. August 2017 at 23:21

    I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love visiting quaint little coffee shops like these. I’m always amazed with the little designs the baristas can do with the cream.

    • Reply Liz 3. August 2017 at 12:52

      These places also offer nice teas and cakes. I think with a nice chocolate cake they can compensate you for not drinking coffee 🙂

  • Reply Nazneen Malik 3. August 2017 at 5:16

    I am not much of a coffee drinker but that is tempting! If you visit Seattle , where I am at, try the local stumptown roast 😉

    • Reply Liz 3. August 2017 at 12:53

      Oh thank you!! I will note that for my next US trip. If you don’t have coffee at these places, try the cake, always a good idea 🙂

  • Reply Sarah 3. August 2017 at 5:21

    I’m a huge coffee lover myself and always love to find the best coffee shops whenever I’m in a new city. If I’m ever in Singapore, I will definitely refer to this post!!

    • Reply Liz 3. August 2017 at 12:54

      That’s great, happy I could inspire you!

  • Reply Mariella 3. August 2017 at 10:39

    Another coffee lover over here! haha It’s amazing how different coffees taste around the world 🙂 Thank you for sharing the best places for coffee in Singapore. I haven’t been yet, but hopefully I’ll visit soon 🙂

    • Reply Liz 3. August 2017 at 12:56

      Happy to find another coffee lover here! I hope you can make it to Singapore soon!

  • Reply Kareemah 3. August 2017 at 19:25

    A great and organized list! I’ll be saving it for if I ever go to Singapore. I love coffee shops

    • Reply Liz 4. August 2017 at 14:49

      Thank you so much! I am so happy you find it useful! Enjoy the coffee shops

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