Day Trip from Vienna – Eisenstadt, Home of Joseph Haydn

5. September 2018

Eisenstadt, home of Joseph Haydn and the beautiful Esterhazy Palace, is just a 45-minute-drive from Vienna. It is the perfect destination for a day spent exploring the beautiful corners of the town, listening to classical music and enjoying a glass of wine from the surrounding vineyard regions.

Eat and Drink

Enjoy a glass of local wine and some snacks at the terrace of Weinbar with a beautiful view of the Esterhazy Palace. (Esterhazyplatz 4/1)

Die Alm is up the Glorietteallee past the palace and offers you a beautiful view of the region around Eisenstadt. I recommend their burger and steak. (Glorietteallee 51)

Day Trip from Vienna Eisenstadt Cake Greisslerei

Greisslerei is not only a great place for a lunch or dinner but also for enjoying a delicious piece of cake and some coffee. In the warmer months of the year, you can sit outside in the cute garden in front of the restaurants. There is also a swing. 🙂

Die Greisslerei is part of the award-winning Taubenkobel restaurant and located in a traditional house of the Burgenland region. Their Schnitzel and steaks (AND fries) are delicious. I highly recommend the poppy seed cake with whipped cream as a dessert. You can also shop for regional products and interior design and accessories from around the world at Greisslerei. Check out my restaurant review here.

Day Trip from Vienna Eisenstadt Unicorn

There even are some unicorns in Eisenstadt!

In the Kleinhoeflein-area, 2Beans Coffee Roasters has some really delicious coffee. (Kleinhoefleiner Hauptstrasse 8)

Chic Antique is located in a small alley off the Hauptstrasse and is a cute little café. (Hauptstrasse 26)


Day Trip from Vienna Eisenstadt Esterhazy Palace

The Esterhazy Palace is the main sight in Eisenstadt. Joseph Haydn composed a large part of his musical oeuvre for the Count Esterhazy. The palace dates back to the Middle Ages and has repeatedly been updated.

The main sight of Eisenstadt is the Esterhazy Palace and its Palace Garden. The palace dates back to the Middle Ages and has repeatedly been updated and expanded. My personal highlight is the Leopoldinentempel in the Palace Garden.

Day Trip from Vienna Eisenstadt Leopoldinentempel

My favourite place in Eisenstadt: the Leopoldinentempel in the Palace Gardens.

In summer, there are concerts in the famous Haydnsaal. Joseph Haydn worked for Count Esterhazy and composed a big part of his oeuvre in Eisenstadt.

Day Trip from Vienna Eisenstadt Hauptstrasse

The start of the Hauptstrasse, the high street of Eisenstadt

If you want to learn more about Joseph Haydn, I recommend a visit to the Haydnhaus museum as well. The Haydngasse is also a really nice street with traditional houses. You can then turn right into the Hauptstrasse. Similar to Haydngasse, this high street has many traditional houses and small shops.

Day Trip from Vienna Eisenstadt Palace Christmas

The Palace lit up at Christmas time

The Bergkirche is a church with a very special type of architecture. Similar to the palace, it also hosts concerts regularly.


If you are looking for regional delicacies, Nah und Frisch Jagenbrein in the St. Georgen-area is a must-visit. Their offer ranges from cherry products by Kirschengenussquelle, to sheep cheese, to organic juices and oils. (Brunnegasse 23, St. Georgen)

Day Trip from Vienna Eisenstadt Esterhazy Palace Courtyard

The courtyard of the Esterhazy palace. I recommend taking a guided tour to learn more about the building and the Esterhazy family history.

How to Get There

By far the easiest transport option is by car. It will take about 45 minutes from Vienna to Eisenstadt. As the restaurants and cafés are a bit spread out and public transport is not comparable to Vienna, it is most convenient to come by car.

Day Trip from Vienna Eisenstadt Palace Lantern

Intricate details of the Esterhazy Palace

Alternatively, you could take a bus from Suedtiroler Platz (Vienna Main Train Station), which takes about one and a half hours. You will arrive at Domplatz, the centre of Eisenstadt.

Day Trip from Vienna Eisenstadt Palace

There is a train connection as well with a direct train once per hour. However, the train station is a bit far from the town centre and you may need to take a taxi or walk. The bus intervals are quite long.

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  • Reply Helene Choo 15. September 2018 at 15:25

    The poppy seed cake sounds fantastic! I’d love to visit Eisenstadt since I play the piano and it would be interesting to see the Haydn-related places. Will keep this in mind for the next time I travel to Austria:)

    • Reply Liz 24. September 2018 at 9:16

      The poppy seed cake is so good! I’m craving it right now just when I think about it, haha!

  • Reply Marysia 15. September 2018 at 15:37

    Great post, already saved it, planning on checking out this cute town on my next trip to Vienna!

    • Reply Liz 24. September 2018 at 9:17

      That’s great! I hope you will have time to visit Eisenstadt!

  • Reply Madhu 15. September 2018 at 16:22

    Vienna looks like a beautiful and elegant city. My husband visited last year but I missed it.hope to visit soon

    • Reply Liz 24. September 2018 at 9:22

      Hi Madhu, thank you for your comment. Even though the palaces look similar, this is the palace in Eisenstadt, a city South-East of Vienna. But if you make it to Vienna, I hope you have time to visit Eisenstadt as well!

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