Hotel Review – Amatara Wellness Resort Phuket

28. September 2017

I have already stayed at the Amatara Wellness Resort in Phuket, Thailand, twice. The first time was in November 2016 and the most recent stay was just two weeks ago in September 2017. Already last year, I really enjoyed the stay but I decided to only write a review if my second stay was as nice as the first one. And here we go, it was perfect again and I would like to share my experience with you.

Amatara Reception View Music

View from the reception in the evening paired with Thai live music.


The Amatara Wellness Resort is located in the South-Eastern part of Phuket called Panwa. It takes about 45 minutes to get there. Nevertheless, the drive is worth it because you will be in a secluded resort far away from the crowds. I recommend booking the hotel’s airport shuttle. (For more info about transport in Phuket, check out my Phuket Guide).

The Rooms

Most of the rooms of the Amatara Wellness Resort follow a villa or pavilion concept. Last year, we stayed in a Pool Pavilion with a beautiful view and a small private pool. This year, we stayed in a Pavilion which was identical to the Pool Pavilion except that it had no private pool. We chose it because we spent most of the time at the beach or at the other pools at the resort (plus, there were quite a few mosquitoes around the private pool – I guess because of all the greenery around it).

Amatara Pool Pavilion

Pool Pavilion with a small private pool

I can highly recommend the Pavilions. All the Pavilions are really private and the greenery around them allows you privacy. However, greenery also means mosquitoes… Next time, I would like to stay in the Ocean Cape rooms, which seem to be like normal spacious rooms.

If you have a bigger pocket, the Ocean Pool Villas look amazing! I walked around the resort to get an idea about where all the different types of villas and rooms are located. I recommend booking everything with “Ocean” in the name. It is a bit confusing because you might go for “Seaview” but the “Ocean” rooms offer a nicer view in my opinion.

Toiletries Amatara Phuket

Toiletries by Shanghai Tan are provided at the rooms of the Amatara Wellness Resort.

Amatara Phuket Bathroom

The bathrooms of the Pavilion and the Pool Pavilion

Pool Areas

Amatara Infinity Pool View

My favourite “activity”

The Amatara Wellness Resort has one major infinity pool area right behind the reception. The view is truly beautiful. However, I found an even better place – because it was more quiet and I basically had the area for myself: at The Retreat, there is a small infinity pool and the view is also stunning.

Amatara Retreat Lounge

My favourite spot…

I think a lot of guests do not realize that there is another pool in that area of the resort because it is not marked in the hotel map. There is a restaurant right next to the pool with a great lounge (see below).

Amatara Retreat View Panorama

Infinity pool with a view at The Retreat

The Beach

The Amatara has its own private beach.

Amatara Private Beach

Private beach of the Amatara

I think the pictures speak for themselves. 😉

Amatara Beach Walk

Walk to the beach


The resort has five restaurants. The main one is The Restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The Retreat is a lounge with a view over the sea and is open for all guests for lunch and dinner. The concept is healthy fusion cuisine. If you stay in a Pool Villa or if you are a guest of the Wellness Retreat, you can also have breakfast there. The Pool Terrace and The Beach Table offer snacks during the day. Two lounges – The Library Lounge and The Grill Lounge – offer drinks. The Grill is the resort’s fine dining restaurant (check out my restaurant review).

Breakfast at The Restaurant
View Breakfast Amatara

What a breakfast view!

As Pavilion and Pool Pavilion guests, we had breakfast at The Restaurant.

Breakfast Buffet Amtara Phuket

The breakfast the The Restaurant offers a broad selection of pastries, Western and Thai breakfast and an egg station.

The breakfast is a combination of buffet, live stations and an à la carte menu. I highly recommend the à la carte dishes – especially the eggs and the pancakes.

Amatara Breakfast Doughnut

Who can say no?

There is Western and Thai breakfast as well as fusion dishes and pastries. If you have special wishes or dietary requirements, the courteous staff will help you out.

Almond Croissant Breakfast Amatara

I looked forward to these mini almond croissants every morning.

My personal favourites from the buffet were the chocolate and almond croissants and doughnuts.

Amatara Breakfast Pancakes

Egg dishes, waffles, pancakes and special dishes can be ordered à la carte.

I really had troubles not to over-order. Everything looked so nice!

Amatara Breakfast Waffles

Fancy some waffles?

Lunch / Afternoon Snacks

As we arrived before our room was ready, we decided to have lunch at The Restaurant. I highly recommend the crispy fried calamari.

Amatara Restaurant Dining

Fried calamari at The Restaurant

Most of the time, we had a snack at The Pool Terrace.

Amatara Pool Dining Burger

Not really bikini-friendly, but sooo good.

You have the choice between Thai and Western cuisine.

Amatara Pool Dining Chicken Stir-Fry

The stir-fried chicken was one of our favourite dishes.

Of course, you can also order the majority of dishes to your room…

Amatara Pool Dining

The spring rolls were a refreshing afternoon snack.

… but you will miss out on the beautiful view then.

Amatara Reception Pool View

I guess there are worse places to have lunch 😉

By far my favourite place for coffee was The Retreat.

Amatara Retreat Coffee

Coffee with a view

If you prefer healthy eating options, The Retreat has a very nice selection of guilt-free dishes 😉

Amatara Retreat Dining

Healthy options (e.g. the chicken breast) at The Retreat

Drinks at The Grill Lounge and Dinner at The Grill

The dining highlight is The Grill: it is a beautiful fine dining experience paired with a view of the Andaman Sea. Check out my review about The Grill here.


There is no visit to Thailand without massages and spa treatments. The resort has a beautiful spa with a wide range of treatments.

Amatara Flower Bouquet

Throughout the resort, there is a lot of attention to detail.

If a run outside of the resort to explore the beautiful areas is not enough, the Amatara has a really nice gym overlooking the sea. They also offer daily sessions, such as Pilates, Yoga or TRX.

Amatara Sea View

Beautiful views and flowers wherever you go

There is also a small boutique where you can buy souvenirs and postcards but also really nice beachwear. I bought a really nice beach tunic and dress there.

Amatara Phuket Palmtrees

No description needed

If you travel with kids, there is also a kid’s club. In general, I did not see too many families with kids there and I had the feeling it is more a resort for couples (which was perfect for us).


Upon your arrival, the staff will give you an overview of the activities you can book through the hotel. I would recommend to do some research before you come to Phuket and see if you would like to book in advance. If not, you will know at least which trips you would like to focus on and if the options at the hotel match your expectations.

Amatara Resort Decoration

I was fascinated by all the plants at the resort.

The hotel also offers shuttles to Panwa Beach and some tourist attractions. (As I am not a big fan of these big tourist places, I have not tried them. Hence, I cannot give you a review here).

At the hotel, you will also find some kajaks and surfboards.

Outside of the Resort

I always go outside of the resort and explore the area. The Amatara is in a quieter part of the island. Nevertheless, there are some smaller local eateries right outside of the hotel. If you turn left at the entrance, there is a nice Thai restaurant. It really depends which food you are used too. If it is the first time for you in the tropics or in Asia, I would stick to vegetarian dishes without eggs. There is also a Family Mart where you can buy snacks, drinks or toiletries you might have forgotten at home (the selection is small though). If you turn right at the entrance and walk up for about 500 m, there is a bigger selection of eateries and small shop.

If you do not like to walk in the heat, the small shuttle bus of the hotel can take you to the entrance. And I am sure if you ask them nicely, they can also bring you to the area with the bigger range of restaurants.

Check-In and Check-Out

The check-in time is 2 pm and you have to leave the room for check-out by 12 noon. If you arrive early, you may call the hotel in advance and ask for a potential early check-in. We arrived at around 12.30 and as our room was not ready, we had lunch. However, the staff speeded up the process and we could go into our room before 1.30.

Last year, we left in the evening and after the check-out, the hotel offered us a temporary room (without any additional charges) where we could shower and chill out after the beach.

To sum up this review about the Amatara Wellness Resort in Phuket, I would like to highly recommend this beautiful hotel. Whatever wishes we had or issues we encountered, the staff was extremely courteous and helpful. For example, we had a gecko in our room and within minutes, two staff members were sent to remove it from the room. Furthermore, you will be offered some of the most beautiful views in Phuket.

Amatara Retreat View

All of the views above are my personal opinion.

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  • Reply Leigh 30. September 2017 at 3:43

    Love this! Phuket is so great for splurging on a nice hotel! I stayed at the Westin Siray Bay, which was similarly secluded and I barely left the resort. Didn’t need to! However, the Amatara beach looks nicer, ours was basically a mud flat once the tide went out :/

    • Reply Liz 18. July 2019 at 7:28

      Thanks, Leigh, for your feedback! I have stayed at the Westin as well – it was nice but I actually prefer the Amatara as it is a bit smaller and more private.

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