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  • Bangkok Ultimate Travel Guide Spirit House

    The Ultimate Bangkok Travel Guide

    One night in Bangkok… I hope you can spend more than one night in this bustling South-East Asian metropolis. Bangkok is one of the cities with the most tourists per year – and I…

    14. November 2018
  • Bangkok Coffee Thong Lo and Ekkamai Un-Fashion Cafe Coffee

    Best Coffee Places in Bangkok Thong Lo and Ekkamai

    Bangkok is a city that really caters to coffee lovers like me. There are so many small breweries with delicious coffee. Furthermore, these places have become my second home and office. In this article…

    6. December 2017
  • Travel

    Best Coffee Places in Singapore

    As a coffee lover, I still owe you my list of the best coffee places in Singapore. It actually became kind of a sport who will find the best coffee places and whose spots…

    1. August 2017
  • Travel

    Quick Guide to Vienna

    The major tourist sights in Vienna are in the city centre called “Innere Stadt” or “First District”. I have done this walk myself over and over again when I had visitors to show them the…

    14. July 2017
  • Art Travel

    Ultimate Vienna Guide

    Funnily enough, as a travel blogger I have published so many articles and guides about destinations across the globe. But it took me a while to compile guides for Austria. I am really excited to…

    10. July 2017
  • Art Travel

    PMQ – Hong Kong’s Creative Hot Spot

    Since its opening in 2014, PMQ has become a major centre for Hong Kong’s young creative talents. If you are looking for unique designs, hip bars and some of the best bakeries in town,…

    27. September 2016
  • Travel

    The Best Coffee Places in Hong Kong

    As a coffee addict it did not take me too long to get an overview of Hong Kong’s coffee scene. I rated my favourite places according to the quality and taste of the coffee, the…

    18. April 2016
  • Travel

    My Favourite Coffee Places in Vienna

    Vienna, the city of cake and coffee. After my staycation, I’d like to share my favourite places for coffee, cake and breakfast. Demel Let’s start the imperial way: coffee and cake at Demel is…

    1. November 2015