The Ultimate Party Test of Natural Cosmetics

18. October 2015

I was always hesitant to change my make-up routine from using Chanel, Estée Lauder and Bobbi Brown and try something new. However, one day, a friend who runs a natural cosmetics company told me about toxic ingredients in our make-up and I was shocked about what I actually put on my face every day. I started my research and came across RMS cosmetics.

I decided to give it a try and test three products on a big night out with my friends. I started with the foundation , the transparent  and .

To apply the ‘un’cover up (about € 35), start using it like a concealer in the first place and apply it with your fingers on the spots which you would like to hide. Then, either use your fingers, a sponge or a brush to apply and blend it on the rest of your face. I used to use liquid foundation, therefore, I found it a bit strange to use something that feels like a thick concealer all over my face. Therefore, the shop assistant suggested to use a sponge with a bit of warm water and apply the ‘un’ cover up with it. It actually worked really well. It will depend on your type of skin: if you need a thicker foundation to cover spots, it is better to blend it with your fingers.

If you apply it with a wet sponge, you will need the ‘un’powder (about € 30) as your skin will be very shiny after that procedure. I went for the ‘un’powder in transparent and applied it with the puff that comes with the powder. It took me some time to get used to this type of transparent powder, especially to get a mat effect in the t-zone, but the result was very good.

I finished with lip2cheek (about € 35) and applied a bit on my cheeks with my fingers and rubbed it in. Also, I used it as a lip gloss. I liked it very much because it is not too shiny and you can decide on the tone depending on the amount you use.

To finish my party make-up I used mascara, eyeliner and eye shadow I had at home, because I wanted to get a first impression before buying more products.

I left for the party at around 9 pm, my face was not shiny and blush and lips were perfect. I could not see any difference to conventional products.

At around 10.30, I did my first check. Usually, I need to reapply powder or blush at this time but it was still the same as when I left from home.

Shortly after midnight, I checked again: now I used the lip2cheek, because it had faded a bit.

After a long night with my friends, a lot of dancing and, unfortunately, smoke in the club (every time when I come back to Austria, I am shocked that it is still possible to smoke inside), I did the final check at 4.30 am and was positively surprised: only the lip colour and blush had faded, the foundation and powder still looked amazing.

This test proved to me that they work as well or even a bit better than the products I used before. All RMS products are organic, talc free, silicone free, perfume free and paraben free and you can buy them online or in selected boutiques or pharmacies.

Stay tuned for more make-up tests, I will try to test organic mascara, eyeliners and eye shadows soon for you!

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